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Memorial day is coming up on Monday. Every year I take a little time to think about what Memorial Day means to me. Yeah, it means an extra day off from work to play with my kids and spend time with Kelly. This year it means a family trip to Punta Cana for my sister […]

Friday May 25 2012


Memorial day is coming up on Monday. Every year I take a little time to
think about what Memorial Day means to me.

Yeah, it means an extra day off from work to play with my kids and spend
time with Kelly. This year it means a family trip to Punta Cana for my sister
in law’s wedding! It also means that the neighborhood pool is open for the

But, what does it REALLY mean?

To me, it means Freedom and Thankfulness.

Memorial Day is a day to honor those soldiers who have died fighting for
our freedom.

To date, approximately 1,319,475 American soldiers have lost their lives
fighting in war.

They died for you and for me. They fought for all of us, without ever having
met us.

They left their families, their friends, and their pets. For us.

They are brave.

I’m quite sure that I will never know bravery or fear the way that our
soldiers do.

So this Memorial Day, I will make sure to tell my kids WHY we celebrate
Memorial Day. I will make sure they know that it’s not just a day off from
school to have a cookout or take a family trip. I’ll make sure they know
that Monday is a day to honor all of the fallen soldiers who have exhibited
bravery so that we can enjoy life in a country that’s FREE.

I will make sure that if we see a soldier in the airport this weekend, my
kids and I will shake their hand and say Thank You.I hope you will do
the same.

If you want to honor a friend or family member by telling their story, please
leave a comment below.



Here is a nice way to say Thanks to the Troops. The Grateful Chics will donate a Patriotic Grateful Bead Strand to a soldier every time one is purchased. This charitable partnership is through Operation Gratitude, a non-profit that send care packages to our Troops. The soldiers will know someone cares, remembers and is grateful for their service with these tokens of Gratitude. Check them out here:

RonJuly 6, 2012

Thank you, Greg, for reminding us what Memorial Day is all about. And to Lee – it makes me feel sad more than mad to read your comment. If you don’t like what the United States stands for and don’t appreciate what our military does for us, then please find somewhere else to live.

MaggieMay 29, 2012

From a U.S. NAVY SEALMay 27, 2012

I believe as I’ve said before – it’s simple…

LOVE GOD, Family, Country in that order

Greg ClementMay 27, 2012

I hope that every American will take the time, not just on Memorial Day, but every day, to get down on their knees and thank God for all the soldiers who have fought or served for us. We have the best country in the world because of them. Our soldiers and their families sacrifice so much to protect us, we should feel ashamed for not taking the time to thank every man and woman who serves, so we can remain the greatest country on earth. Let’s not forget that whether you agree or disagree with the choices our government officials make, our service men and women are doing the job they do with pride and a bravery that most of us may never experience. It’s because of them, we’re able to sit in front of our computers, in the comfort of our homes and express our opinions, good bad or indifferent. So, will I thank a soldier this Memorial Day? You bet I will, starting with those in my own family that I’m so very proud of, and you should too. I would certainly hate to think where we might be without them. So, God Bless All Our Brave Military Men And Women, I Wish You All The Blessings God Can Bestow On Any Human Being And Most Of All I Thank You!

To: All Our SoldiersMay 27, 2012

To Lee: Freedom comes in many different ways. Some may say freedom is not free, others may say they will never be free. However, Freedom is a gift, first from God (whether you believe in God or not), giving all humans the freedom of choice (choosing to believe in Him or choosing to not). Freedom is a choice, whether internal, external, physical, mental, financial, and/or spiritual. I understand what you are sharing, & that our govt does have control of the people (laws, rules, regulations). Some which a idiotic & others which are needed, to control those who can’t control themselves. There are items on that list you shared that should be fought for…and other to be discarded (my choice by freedom, of course).But what if the govt didn’t have certain control? People say, “if a man/woman cannot control his own house, how can he control his business? S/He can’t.” “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18). To say that you will NOT say “Thank You” to an active military or veteran would be a character of ungratefulness and/or selfishness (this is my opinion & of course, your freedom of choice). Should we then not thank our school teachers, because they choose to work for pennies & still give so much of themselves? Should we not thank our mothers & fathers for sacrificing so much, without asking for anything in return, for of course we never asked to be born? We should all be saying “Thank You” for more than just Memorial Day, as we become thankful for all who have contributed good, because they were willing to sacrifice (big or small), where we (you & I) weren’t (perhaps), regardless if we asked them to sacrifice or not. But how much sacrifice from you would it take to just say, “Thank you”. If all people would slow down & truly be thankful for all that is great & see the freedom we have to do most anything, then we would not have the time to complain (even about a govt we don’t agree with or have complete control over). Memorial Day should be everyday, a day to remember that someone else did something of their own choice, to make this world a little better(we would hope). I am thankful for you Lee, that you & I have the Freedom of Speech in this country to write about our govt so freely (in a corrupt world), for our American men and woman, who themselves choose a career to protect us from others(whether by phantom, foe or friend). However, do not let the government take your Freedom Lee. Freedom of peace within you, & hope for a better day, not anger or frustration. Freedom to love freely & to be loved, to live a life without bitterness. For our military, both past, present & future, give of their freedom, from their hearts. No one made them do it (it was a choice from within), & for that I am grateful…because I know I didn’t make that sacrifice, because they took it willingly, for me and you, so we didn’t have to go…That is True Freedom. As for the corruption in our world, I share a Proverb, “Do not answer a fool according to his folly,or you yourself will be just like him.” Proverbs 26:4 I challenge you Lee, to be thankful and to know that your freedom and my freedom, are not Free. Happy Memorial Day!

Ms. MoniqueMay 25, 2012

I am saddened to witness again those views of people who blame the military for decisions made by others. Years ago I witnessed a spitting incident at the airport by an anti-war person directed at a army guy coming home from Vietnam. It was ugly and clearly never forgotten. The persons who choose the military life are doing so in a free society. Those who disagree with their choice are free to disagree. However, this is not the venue to denigrate the sacrifices made by those who chose to serve in the military.
Might I suggest that someone angry with the government use a proactive stance like influencing voting and political action?

Thanks to all those who have served (and sometime not be choice) everyone can state their political views and question past military decisions. The USA is an exceptional and unusual nation in world history — we can live freely and opine with little interference from the political state. It is not unreasonable to take time to remember that such freedom continues because others have sacrificed (even if you think it’s a waste…) for you to think and act freely today.

Fortunately, all my relatives who served came home in one piece. But there are friends and neighbors of mine who were deeply hurt and suffered from their time of military service.

LaurelMay 25, 2012

Now on a more positive note:
Personally, I want to thank every single person who has served, will serve, has lost, or has a loved one affected with physical/mental challenges from serving in war or in the military. You are truely our heroes and I am grateful for your sacrifices to keep us free.
Thank You…….

JudiMay 25, 2012


Lee… YOU are clearly not a simple ignorant. You’re an IDIOTIC IGNORANT. I’m not sure if I have the freedom to spit in your face after reading your rhetoric …but if I don’t, I’ll still pay the price to spit in your face at the risk of getting arrested. …did I say IDIOT?! You’re an IDIOT!

MichaelMay 25, 2012

A message for Lee-
If you think life in any other country would be better than living in the USA, I invite you to MOVE THERE. The USA is not a perfect country, I think most would agree. We have some serious problems on our hands. But for you to slam and disrespect those fallen and wounded in the battles for our freedom is deplorable. And, keep in mind, many countries in this world of ours wouldn’t even allow you to post such trash on a website for the world to see. You are a disgrace.

JudiMay 25, 2012


You’ve clearly demonstrated a business acumen that suggests you’re not dumb. Therefore, I will interpret your worship of the military as a demonstration of ignorance not stupidity. The fact is that no soldier has ever died to give or preserve my freedom. Except for the Revolutionary War no war has ever given, and certainly not maintained, our freedom. And the increase in freedom won by the Revolutionary War was short; having a life of only 6 years before it was all given back with the signing of the U.S. Constitution.

It’s a well known fact that “War is the Health of the State.” War always produces a net increase in government power over the citizen; that results in a corresponding reduction in the rights, or freedom, of citizens. The bottom line is that soldiers are dying for the State, not for the freedoms of the citizens. The uncomfortable fact is that if one believes that soldiers are dying for our freedom, then they have all died in vain because our freedoms are monotonically declining year after year after year. They’ve now declined to such an extent that we are living in a police state.

No, I will not, on Memorial Day, thank the soldiers who have, are and will die for my freedoms because they have, are, and will not die for my freedom. They will be dying for the freedom of the State only. I will be doing only 2 things this Memorial Day. First, I will be grieving that dead soldiers died in vain; that our military cemeteries are filled with those who died in vain; and that many living soldiers are living without limbs, in mental distress and that there are more soldier deaths due to suicide than to battle. Second, I will be doing everything I can to discourage young people from joining the military and falsely fighting for my freedom but rather for the freedom of the State.

LeeMay 25, 2012

Thank you to all who serve; first to my Father who fought in the Korean War (who lived with bullet fragments in his legs, but kept the horror stories to himself),to my Father-In-Law who lost so much during Pearl Harbor(he refuses to see the movie),to my Uncle who fought in Vietnam(ambushed on a bridge & saw his buddy die next to him),to my cousins husband who has fought in Iraq, Afghanistan,(who brought home his men draped in our American Flag to their wives), & is preparing for Bahrain as I write, to my OWN son who serves today (US Navy) working so many hours, that on some days he makes $0.43 a day, & to my other son, who graduates high school next Thursday, & is going to the US Coast Guard. Thank you to all the fathers, mothers, wives, children, family & friends who also give up their freedom of peace when there loved one is gone,hoping they return back home insane, with limbs and life. “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13 God Bless America!!!

Ms. MoniqueMay 25, 2012

Hey Greg, as much as I desire to be successful in real estate, and of all your emails I have found in my inbox, this is one that I absolutely could not pass up.

I am thank you, for giving thanks to our troops, and reminding others to do the same…..

God Bless Our Troops!
Well said Greg!

Dean HendersonMay 25, 2012

Last Saturday while I was on my way to watch my son graduate & get his Masters degree in accounting…well I got a phone call on the way downtown. It my brother on the line to tell me the man (Drew Mullee) that his daughter is married to and is due with his baby soon, was hit by a IED in Afganistan and loss his right leg, a testicle,& soft tissue wounds in the other leg….immediatly felt such great sorrow for this hero of our country…I just broke into tears coming down my face,and truly felt honor,pride and so sad for him and his family..hes with the 173th Army airborne division…and is now recovering in the hospital in the DC/Maryland area for 6 to a year. I honor him and his family on this Memorial Day and wish him a speedy recovery…and to me he will be my hero day and everyday! Art Volpe

Memorial Day with new meaning for me..May 25, 2012

READERS: PLEASE write your reps today, and tell them to PAY Lariam-poisoned and disabled veterans NOW, instead of “delay, deny, til the day they die”.


Well said indeed, Greg and Jeanne.

GSMay 25, 2012

Why just this week-end??. I live near the Nation’s Capital between an Army Post and a Marine Post, so I see men and wmen in Uniform almost everytime I go out, I make it a point, no matter where I am, to go up and say “Thank You for Serving”, I am an Army Brat, senior citizen, these men and women voluntered in most part, and serve 365 days a year, not just one week-end to protect us.

Jeanne StotlerMay 25, 2012

Well said Greg.

Tom PittsMay 25, 2012

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